President Uribe authorized the Catholic Church as guarantee for the hostages release

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Bogotá. President Álvaro Uribe Vélez said this Monday that the Catholic Church or even a delegate of the Vatican, could be a guarantee for the release of six hostages promised by the Farc guerrilla.

“If the Catholic Church at national level or even the Vatican, the Secretary of State of Vatican or the person or institution assigned by His Holiness (Benedict XVI), can help in the release of the hostages, the Government authorized it and welcome,” said Uribe in Bogotá to the means of communication.

Before he leaves in a trip to the United States, the President reminded that his government has always authorized the gestures of peace made by the Catholic Church in Colombia.

“In any moment the Government has authorized and welcome any gesture of peace for the release of the hostages made by that Catholic Church,” said that President.

President Uribe declared also that through the Red Cross, the government is bringing guarantees to continue with the process of release of the hostages hold by Farc.

“The Government will give all the facilities in order that the International Committee of the Red Cross can contribute in the best way,” said Uribe.

By its part, members of the Colombian Catholic Church said that they do not know the proposal of President Uribe that suggested that a delegate of the Vatican could participate as a guarantee for the release. However, the Catholic Church expressed its disposition to work for the best results of the humanitarian process.

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