The wife of Nelson Mandela could be in the humanitarian group to receive hostages

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The wife of the South African leader Nelson Mandela, Graça Machel Mandela, could be one of the members of the humanitarian commission to receive the Farc hostages. Pia Locatelli, president of the International Socialism, is the other woman and foreigner who could be authorized to integrate the group.

The Colombian Senator Piedad Córdoba said to Caracol Radio that there are also proposals like the Nobel Peace Prize Rigoberta Manchú of Guatemala and Hebe de Banafini, president of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo of Argentina.

Graça Machel is known for her studies in the impact of armed conflicts in children and she is a consultant for the United Nations. She was also the first wife of late president Samoira Machel of Mozambique and did as Minister of Education and Culture of that southern African country.

Pia Locatelli, Italian, is a member of the European Parlament and the president of the Women International Socialist. She is an activist in the defense of the rights of women worldwide.

The Colombian government still to announce any decition in this issue.

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