GlobalPost, transforming the coverage of international news in the digital age

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Boston Global Post announces the launch of GlobalPost ( on January 12, 2009. Based in Boston, GlobalPost will be the first Web-based news organization to provide daily international news coverage by its own team of experienced correspondents from every corner of the world. Our blog, Colombia Passport: Economics, Society and Culture in Colombia has been invited and we are waiting the full approval. But, what Global Post means for journalism in this new century of digital information?

It will be the first fully web-based news organization to provide daily coverage of international news. To satisfy a growing need for independent, reliable, insightful and up-to-the-minute coverage and analysis of news in every region of the world, GlobalPost is building a stellar team of 70 correspondents in 53 countries.

It will be the center of a worldwide community of internet viewers who want to know how political, economic, technological and social trends over the world connect with their lives, their interests, their investments and their hopes for a better future.

GlobalPost will offer a free, content-rich Web site with articles, photography, video and audio from 70 correspondents in 53 countries. Through its print and online syndication platforms as well as an innovative premium membership model, GlobalPost will report vital international news and provide analysis and context for Americans to measure the impact of international events on their lives in an increasingly interconnected world.

The company is also developing a number of editorial partnerships worldwide. Today it announced a groundbreaking editorial partnership with VietNamNet, the leading news Web site in Vietnam and one of the most popular in Southeast Asia. In keeping with GlobalPost’s mission to cover countries that get little attention from the US press, the partnership will bring VietNamNet’s reporting to an American audience through this first-of-its-kind content sharing partnership. GlobalPost content will also be made available in English to the readers of VietNamNet, adding to GlobalPost’s audience reach.

VietNamNet ( reports on the latest domestic and world information and events, and provides highly interactive forums where millions of domestic and foreign readers may directly discuss important issues.

GlobalPost is the vision of journalist and media entrepreneur Philip S. Balboni and award-winning foreign correspondent Charles M. Sennott.

“We are building an international news organization for the digital age, yet with strong roots in traditional, accurate, thoughtful foreign reporting,” said Mr. Balboni. “GlobalPost is going to report on the issues that are so profoundly important to our economy, to our national security, to our environment but simply aren’t getting any depth of coverage from most of the press.”

“Great story telling will be the hallmark of our journalism at GlobalPost,” said Mr. Sennott, who just returned from a tour across Asia to recruit correspondents. “We are going to showcase the work of our seasoned reporters and some of the best young talent in the field with video, audio, and the written word – at a time when America needs more reporting on the international issues that affect our lives.”

GlobalPost is closing in on its goal of 70 correspondents in 53 countries, and it has recently added correspondents in China, India and Indonesia. Among the team of editors and correspondents who have already joined the GlobalPost team: former Newsday Middle East correspondent Matt McAllester; former Newsweek correspondent Josh Hammer; former Time magazine reporter William Dowell; former NPR correspondent Michael Goldfarb; former Washington Post special correspondent John Dinges; New York Times contributor Seth Kugel; veteran foreign affairs correspondent H.D.S. Greenway; and the former Business Asia editor of the International Herald Tribune, Matthew Driskill. Current bios of all GlobalPost correspondents are available at

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