Farc wants to talk with Uribe, said Alfonso Cano

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The first leader of the Farc guerrillas, Alfonso Cano, said to a Spaniard magazine, Cambio 16, that he wants to talk with president Álvaro Uribe, but he should guarantee security to do so.

The Colombian guerrilla leader said in an interview to a Spaniard journalist that he is willing to open dialogues with the government of Uribe with the only condition of security guarantees.

About those guarantees, he mentioned ways, time and place in which the Farc can sit down with the government to discuss an interchange of what he called “war prisoners” and conditions to open a way to peace.

He mentioned also that in the possible dialogue, they should talk open and frankly about issues like the terrorism of State in Colombia.

Alfonso Cano was elected as the first leader of the Farc guerrilla after the natural dead of Manuel Marulanda in March 2007. His real name is Guillermo León Saenz Vargas and he is an anthropologist of the National University of Colombia. He is considered one of the most important ideologists of the insurgent group after late Jacobo Arenas.

It is the first time that Saenz Vargas gives an interview to any journalists and in this time the opportunity was taken by Jorge Melgarejo of Cambio 16.

Saenz or Alfonso Cano denied the claims of the Colombian army that Farc is weakened. He said that in a war it is normal to hit and receive hits. The cancellation of the role of the Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez meant a valious contribution in the ways to a reconciliation in Colombia, said the guerrilla leader.

Source: Colprensa


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