Alejandra Mesa Estrada, new Queen of the Coffee

· Culture, Economics, Society

The new Queen of the Coffee, chosen in the 53th Fair of Manizales, is Alejandra Mesa Estrada, the representative of Colombia. The event for the selection of the international Queen of Coffee was in the Theater of the Founders of the traditional paisa city. Every year Manizales celebrates its traditional fair in the coffee region of Colombia known as Eje Cafetero (Coffee Axes). The festivities that take place during the first week of January, have events of music, bullfighting, dances and the election of the international Queen of Coffee.

Among the favorites of this year were Spain with Ana Montalbes, but also the representatives of Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Brazil.

The international Queen has as compromise the promotion of coffee worldwide in relation with the National Federation of Coffee Growers and Juan Valdez, besides concerns for social development activities.

It is not only beauty, but the candidate must demonstrate her knowledge in the matter of coffee, a subject that Alejandra could show in the contents.

The Colombian coffee is considered internationally as the best coffee of the world for its aroma. Recently the coffee growers put a demand before the American courts against the cartoonist Mike Peters for one of his drawings portraying the proud Colombian product as a relation with mafias.

Juan Valdez became an international symbol of the Colombian coffee and it shows a coffee grower that is traditional in the plantations near to Manizales.

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