A Colombian walking from Fireland to Alaska

· Culture, Latin America, Society

Henry Sánchez would be the first person to walk by foot all the American continent from the most southern city of Argentina, Ushuaia, to the most northern part of Alaska. It will be a long way of 18,641.1358 miles.

The intention of  Sánchez, a young professor of 35 years old and a writer from Ipiales in the State of Nariño, is to rise funds for the creation of an educational center for handicap people in his city.

He intends to travel all the continent, from south to north, in 30 months, crossing 16 countries. He walked from Ushuaia – Argentina, the most southern city of the planet, to La Paz – Bolivia in six months.

Some companies wanted to sponsor his campaign, but after they did not believe in the idea and abandoned him. Sánchez has however already experience in walking. He did so in Colombia walking barefoot 1,304 miles to rise funds for handicap people of Ipiales, his city. As that first campaign was not enough, he decided to walk the entire continent. If he gain something in his campaign, about 2,500 persons will get a benefit.

His worry is to get a visa to enter the territory of United States, as he said to EFE. “I have all the conditions to get a refuse in the applying of visa to the United States: I do not have money and I do not have a job in my country”, says professor Sánchez who is optimistic in finish his adventure.

Walking to support a campaign is not new in Colombia. In June 2007 Gustavo Moncayo, the father of a Farc hostage, the soldier Pablo Emilio Moncayo, walked also from Ipiales, a city at the border with Ecuador, to Bogotá to rise attention in the issue of the several hostages. Although Pablo Emilio still on the hands of the guerrilla, the campaign of the father attracted the international media over the problematic.

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