The release at one step, says Córdoba

· Politic, Violence

Sen. Piedad Córdoba said to the Colombian Mass Media that the promised release of some Farc hostages is at just one step. She was referring the technical preparations to receive them. She got the full authorization of the government of President Álvaro Uribe to organize the group that will receive the hostages from the hands of the Farc guerrilla.

However, Sen. Córdoba said also that she does not know when it will happen. So far, she has met the International Red Cross and government officials to prepare the technical conditions for the possible release.

Although the International Red Cross was involved, it will not stay in the commission to receive the released hostages. There will not be also delegates from the international community, according to the will of the government. Farc promised to release three policemen and a soldier since last December through a group of Colombian intellectuals leaded by Sen. Córdoba.

The Colombian politician, who has led also a strong opposition to the government of President Uribe, was heavy criticized by Minister Santos who in the first week of January that it was just a show to give political importance to her, due to the delays in the promised release.

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