Cortes de Cádiz for Freedom Award for President Uribe

· Culture, Latin America, Politic, Society

The municipality of Cádiz, Spain, decided to give an award to President Álvaro Uribe for his fights in favor of freedom. It is the first version of the recent created award that the Spaniard city wants to give to persons or organizations that contribute for freedom in the Spanish-speaking world.

The judge stated that President Uribe of Colombia has worked for freedom and has opposed strongly to situations of terrorism and its consequences like the hostages of groups that use terror as a weapon to fight their political proposals.

The municipality of Cádiz recognized the improvement in safety in the country, fighting terrorism in Colombia with the support of the police and military forces. The judge stressed the personality of President Uribe and his strong character to defend the rule of law and freedom in his country.

Cádiz, the capital of the Cádiz Province in the Andalucía Autonomous Community, keeps strong links to the history of the Latin American nations since the Conquest of South and Central America by the Spaniards. In 1812 the city was the place where members of the resistance against the France of Napoleon, signed the first Spaniard constitution in union with Latin American leaders. The 1812 Cádiz Constitution was a model for most of the Latin American new-created republics of the 19th century.

The Cortes de Cádiz (Cádiz Courts) for Freedom, was created to prepare also the 200 years Anniversary of the 1812 Cádiz Constitution that involved the history of Spain and Latin America.

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