The king of the Vallenato music in hospital

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The king of Vallenato, the musician and composer Rafael Escalona, 81 y.o., is in the hospital due to a health crisis. Escalona, the author of popular Vallenato songs like “El Testamento“, “La Casa en el Aire” and “La Gota Fría“, suffered of cardiac problems. He is in the Shaio Clinic of Bogotá.

Vallenato is the most popular Colombian genre originated in the northern city of Valledupar (then its name). Rafael Escalona is one of the most important figures in the country as composer and musician. In modern times, the Colombian singer Carlos Vives revived the most classic Vallenatos of Escalona with more modern melodies and instruments.

Rafael Escalona was born on 27th May 1927 in Patillal, State of Cesar at the north of Colombia, near the Capital of Vallenato, Valledupar. He is also mentioned in the famous work of Gabriel García Márquez, “Hundred Year of Solitud”, when it is said “…the songs of Rafael Escalona, the nephew of the bishop.” In fact, Escalona is the nephew of late bishop Rafael Celedón of Santa Marta.

His life was brought to a series of television, “Escalona”, directed by Sergio Cabrera. The character of Escalona was made by Carlos Vives, the script was elaborated by Bernardo Romero and the inspiration was on a book of journalist Daniel Samper Pizano, all of them notorious Colombians.

The Rockefeller Center of New York gave to Escalona a recognization for his profesion and life in 2006. He is one of the most respected and loved Colombians in his country.


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  1. Carlos Zuniga

    Our hearts and prayers to the Maestro for a prompt recovery and the hope that his health will regain sooner to take back to being his normal self again, as we may never grow sad due to listening to his songs and anecdotes of the life in the world of the Vallenato music.
    PS. While the Maestro Escalona is such a great composer and the author of so many adorable songs, I am afraid he is not the author of “La Gota Fria” as the heading of your article, portraits him to be. The author of “La Gota Fria” was the late Emilia no Zuleta Baquero, father of the re-known Vallenato singer Thomas Alfonso Zuleta Diaz whom we have all come to known as “Poncho” Zuleta.

  2. albeiror24

    Thank you Carlos Zuniga for the comment and the correction. Certainly, La Gota Fría is a work of Emiliano Zuleta, another classic of our Colombian music. Maestro Lucho is at home and better and we hope to have him for a long time.

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