Non-going places in Bogotá

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Caracol Radio published today 31 non-going places in Bogotá, due to their level of insecurity. Good information for tourists to visit the capital of Colombia. Although levels of criminality have descended in the last years, it is better to be aware of those places that could be risky. Anyway, hotels and agencies will prevent visitors to them.

The list was made according to a report of the Police Department of Bogotá and the Major. The places were selected due to the action of criminal organizations associated with drug. They are also a challenges for the authorities. The following list has been published by Caracol Radio as a service to the Colombian community. We translated the list as a service to international visitor and we encourage to visit Colombia. Information will prevent you from any problem.

In the south

In general the south of the city has a high level of insecurity. If you want to do any travel to that area of Bogotá, consult your hotel, agency of your friends.

Usme: Santa Librada and Virrey.

Tunjuelito: Venecia.

Ciudad Bolívar: San Francisco and El Lucero

Kennedy: Corabastos, Britalia, Plaza de Las Américas

Bosa: Bosa La Estación

Rafael Uribe: Santa Lucía and Diana Turbay

Antonio Nariño: El Restrepo

In Bogotá downtown:

Los Mártires: Ricaurte, Voto Nacional and Calle 19.

Santa Fe: Las Cruces

En Puente Aranda: Puente Aranda

Teusaquillo: Galerías and Teusaquillo

In the West of the city:

Fontibón: Fontibón

Engativá: Quirigua and Tabora

Barrios Unidos: Metrópolis and Siete de Agosto

In the North

Chapinero: El Lago, Chicó and Chapinero

Suba: Rincón de Suba and Batan

Usaquén: Verbenal and Barrancas

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