How Gaza sounds to Colombians

· Culture, Politic

Colombians are made by many origins. Arabs have arrived to the coasts of the South American nation at the end of the 19th century, looking for the “American Dream” from Palestine, Lebanon and Syria. Jews have been present in the Colombian territory since the Spaniard conquests and even it is said that Paisas have Jew origins, something that is not proven. Shakira, for example, comes from a family of Lebanon origin and she is well known in Arab countries that considered the popular singer as their family as much as Colombians. By its parts, writers like Jorge Isaacs from Cali and Porfirio Barba Jacob from Medellín, were Colombian Jews. At least Isaacs was a proven and proud Jew, but Barba Jacob, whose real name was Miguel Ángel Osorio, claimed to be Jew.

In such context, what happens in the Middle East is not indifferent to Colombians. Many Colombians have relatives in cities like Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Gaza and the West Bank and they suffer what Israel and Palestine suffer everyday.

On January 2 the Palestine residents in Bogotá organized a demostration from the Bolívar Plaza to the Israeli Embassy to protest for the invasion of Gaza. More than 200 persons among Palestinians and simpatizers, asked Israel to stop.

Yesterday was the Israeli community that took the streets of the capital of Colombia to support its country.

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