Financial crisis and migrants going home

· Economics, Latin America

One of the signs of crisis is the return of migrants to their original countries. Maybe it could be seen as positive by those who dislike migrants, especially from poor countries, but actually that is a sign of economical decadence, both, for the developed nation and for the poor country.

In the case of United States, Mexicans are going back home, after many of them have been stop to work due to the recession. It causes a big problem in Mexico where the levels of violence are high this time due to the war among the government and the mafias. If the numbers of unemployment are high, where to locate the “American” Mexicans that return back home?

In Europe is happening the same, of course. Countries that use to attract many migrants from regions like Africa, Arab countries and Latin America, are stopping many people from work. The situation affect production and quality in the developed country. Many nations of Latin America, for example, have a big share on their GDP from what migrants send to their families in the country, for example El Salvador, Colombia and Ecuador. The reduction of their migrants in the European countries, will mean the reduction in their GDP in the following months.

There is not work now in rich countries, is what we can say now to those who intend to look for the American Dream in this time.

The most notorious case for Colombians is in Spain, the second country to receive more Colombians, after United States, who look for best opportunities of employment. According to Alvaro Zuleta, the director of the Social-Cultural Association and Cooperation for the Development of Colombia and Iberian-America in an interview to the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo, many Colombians in Spain will return to their country in 2009 due to the financial crisis. He mentioned some cases he received in his office in Madrid. For example, Dairon Bedoya, a Paisa of 31 years old who is sleeping in the streets of Madrid and eating in a soup kitchen because the company in which he was working, went into bankrupt. He mentioned the case of a lawyer that came to Spain to realize his professional dreams and ended as a workmen in a brick factory.

For Zuleta, a man who listen the dramas of the Latin American migrants in Spain, they come to the country with the ideal of conquer the world, but most of them end conquered by the circumstances. Not only the economical crisis, but also the strong anti-migrant laws in Europe, will affect the Colombian adventure in the old continent.

According to the statistics of Zuleta, there are 299,500 legal Colombians in Spain and 500 thousand in illegal conditions. Most Colombians are women among 25 and 35, law level of education, who work as service employee.

According to the Minister of Economy of Spain, the migrants will be the most affected by the world financial crisis in 2009. Sectors like services and construction are falling, and they are the ones that contract more migrants for countries like Colombia and Ecuador.

The Spaniard government created a plan of return to migrants: they will give a compensation for the lost of employment of 40% in Spain and 60% in Colombia if the migrant wants to return. Those who return, can not come back in a term of three years.

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