Declassified evidence on the Colombian army’s anti-guerrilla “allies”

· Politic, Violence

Washington D.C. October 16, 2005 The National Security Archive. Today, the Colombia Documentation Project proudly announces the first in a series of articles to be published in collaboration with Semana, Colombia’s leading news magazine. The column, which will appear monthly on, is the result of a mutual desire to publish and disseminate in Colombia declassified information now emerging from United States files about the major issues in the U.S.-Colombia relationship, including the drug war, security assistance programs, human rights and impunity.

The first column, published here in English and in Spanish at, reveals new information about the hidden history of collaboration between Colombian security forces and their paramilitary allies, offering a unique and intimate perspective on the institutional pressures that encouraged cooperation with paramilitary atrocities.

Each month, the National Security Archive will simultaneously publish an English-language version of the article along with scanned images of the documents cited in the column. Watch this space for upcoming articles or sign up to receive the National Security Archive’s free email update every time the website is updated with new material.

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