Court makes justice to 17 displaced families

· Economics, Politic, Society, Violence

The Constitutional Court of Colombia gave a sentence that makes justice to the case of 17 displaced families in Jerusalem-Cundinamarca. The families, that brought a demand before the court against the Ministry of Agriculture and the Colombian Institute for the Rural Development (Incoder) for the quality of the lands they received, won the case.

In 2005 the Colombian Institute for the Rural Development gave to 17 families of the displaced people by violence, some lands to be cultivated in La Colorada Farm, Jerusalem town, State of Cundinamarca. But the land was not good for any cultivation, there was not drinking water and the farmers got many troubles and sickness in the place.

The families requested to the Incoder and to the Ministry of Agriculture, but they did not receive answer.

They demanded in a first step to the Disciplinary Board of the Council of the Judiciary Branch that ordered the relocation of the families. The families were sent to Valle del Cauca State, but the lands there were not legally cleared. In a second demand, the Judiciary Branch ordered the families to remain in La Colorada and try to make the best with the lands. The Incoder concluded that the problem of the land in such farm was because the farmers did not work well and they have problems among them.

But the Constitutional Court gave at least the reason to the families and ordered the Incoder and the Ministry of Agriculture to settle the displaced farmers in new and suitable lands. The Court concluded also that the rights of the displaced people should be satisfied in any circunstance, because it has to see with their dignity as persons and they belong to he group vulnerable people in Colombia.

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