Bogota hardens control of consumption of liquor

· Culture, Latin America, Society, Violence

As a measure to prevent insecurity in the city, the authorities will harden the control on consumption of liquor, the access of underage people to night clubs and the close of discos and pubs after 3AM.

The traditional Colombian rumba will have more controls this year in the capital with the new measures taken by Major Samuel Moreno to prevent insecurity. The most vulnerable places to the new controls will be the 85th  and the 15th streets, places with several night clubs, many of them open all the night until early morning. Those places have to close at 3AM, while it will be strictly forbidden the presence of persons under 18 years old.

Major Moreno ordered that any club, pub or disco that violate any of the new norms like selling liquor to underage persons or exceeding the levels of noise, will be closed. It is also forbidden to drink any liquor in the streets, parks and plazas.

It is also confirmed that in two weeks nobody under 18 years old can be after 11 PM in what is called in Bogotá the Zona Rosa (“Pink Zone”, a traditional Latin American place for shopping in the day and nightlife.) If a teenager is at the area after 11 PM, the authorities can fine the parents.

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