Venezuela expelled Israeli Ambassador for the invasion of the Gaza Strip

· Latin America, Politic, Society, Violence

As a protest for the invasion of the Gaza Strip, Caracas expelled the Ambassador of Israel and many other diplomats of the Middle East country.  The Minister of Foreign Relations of Venezuela, announced to the mass media that the government decided to expel Ambassador Shlomo Cohen as a protest of for the dead caused during the current invasion to the Palestinian Gaza.

Venezuela decided to expel the ambassador of Israel and a part of the personnel of the Embassy in Venezuela, reaffirming its vocation for peace and the exigences for the respect of the International Law“, said the press release of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela.

This is the first political reaction of this kind that a Western nation takes after Israel decided a full invasion of the Gaza Strip in order to weak the power and capacity of the Palestinian group Hamas and stop it from shooting missiles into the Israeli territory. So far, European and American nations have been diplomatic to Israel asking to stop the military operations. Some demonstrations against the Israel attack on Gaza Strip were organized in Colombia and Chile as well.

Latin America is one of the prefer places of migration for Palestinians who flee the political problems in the Middle East. Countries like Venezuela, Colombia, República Dominicana, Brazil, Chile and Argentina, have meaningful number of Palestinian families that are very sensitive to what happen in the Israeli – Palestinian conflict.

The government of Venezuela condemned the invasion and said that it is a violation of the International Law and an action that Caracas called “terrorism of State.” Venezuela asked also to the Security Council of the UN to take urgent measures to stop the invasion. Caracas underlined also that it has been its vocation to oppose any kind of Antisemitism and any other form of discrimination or racism.  The announcement of the Ministry called also to the Jew people worldwide to oppose also any kind of “criminal policies” that remember the “worst pages of the 20th century.” It called also a genocide of the Palestinian people and it said that in such way the State of Israel will not be able to offer to its people the peace, said the communication.

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