Colombian coffee growers against Mike Peters

· Culture, Economics, Society, Violence

The most celebrated Mike Peters, the American cartoonist who won a Pulitzer, will face the anger of the Colombian coffee growers for what they consider was an offense on the traditional national economy.  Surely Peters will need plenty of cups of coffee when the Colombians will go to court to fill files for the works in which the cartoonist portrays in a bad manner one of the proud traditions of the Andean country.


Because he insulted the national dignity when he associated in a cartoon one of the most traditional activities of the national economy.” The coffee growers will go to court to fill a millionaire demand against Peters. 

The cartoons of Peters are published in most the 600 newspapers in the United States. In one of thes, he portrays as doubtful the activities of the Colombian coffee growers. Juan Valdez, the brand of the Colombian coffee, considered by the International opinion as the best aroma of the world, was also portrayed in the Peters´ cartoon. The drawing suggested also to readers to replace the Colombian coffee for other drink.

The Colombian coffee growers are among the most powerful worker associations of the country, because it is the first national product for exports. They called the work of Peters as a “peace of black humor” and said that the cartoonist was making fun of a country that has suffered under the brutality of drug dealers and violence that come only by the high ranks of drug consumption in countries like USA and other develop nations, according to the words of Gabriel Silva Luján, manager of the Colombian Federation of Coffee Growers.

The cartoon was published on January 2 by some American newspapers. The coffee growers said that it affected their economies creating prejudices. It is also an attack on intellectual property and the international reputation of the Colombian coffee, said the Federation.

It is expected that at the end of this week the coffee growers will bring the case before the American courts. They will demand Mike Perters for damage and prejudice, detriment on the intellectual property and difamation. The demand will include the newspapers that published the cartoon. According to the words of Silva Luján to the Colombian mass media, the Federation could receive an indemnization for about 20 million dollars.


Surely Peters will need to know the coffee plantations in Colombia. If Colombia lost productions like coffee, flowers, banana, etc, then it will open the space to more drug trafficking. It is better to rise the consumption of Café de Colombia in industrialist countries, than drug consumption. When Peters suggests to take otherthing different to the Colombian coffee, what he means? Cocaine?


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