Oscar Julián Ruiz among the best referees of the world

· Culture, Latin America

The Colombian soccer referee Oscar Julián Ruiz, was the 11th in the list of the 24 best referees of the world during 2008, according to the Federation of History and Statistics of Soccer.

The three first referees were the Italian Roberto Rosetti,  Slovenian Lubos Michel, the Belgian Frank De Bleeckere.

Four South American, among them Ruiz, appeared in the list: the Argentinian Héctor Baldassi as 9th, the Uruguayan Jorge Larrionda as 14th, the Paraguayan Carlos Amarilla as 16th and the Chilean Carlos Chandía as 24th.

This is the list of the 24 best soccer referees in the world:

1. Roberto Rosetti (Italy), 204 scores.
2. Lubos Michel (Slovenia), 126 scores.
3. Frank De Bleeckere (Belgium), 61 scores.
9. Héctor Baldassi (Argentina), 24 scores.
11. Oscar Julián Ruiz (Colombia), 19 scores.
14. Jorge Larrionda (Uruguay), 14 scores.
16. Carlos Amarilla (Paraguay), 11 scores.
24. Carlos Chandía (Chile), 5 scores.

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