Sen. Córdoba said that three days more

· Politic, Violence

Senator Piedad Córdoba said today in Caracol Broadcasting that in three days more the Farc will restart the process to release the promised hostages. The Senator, who was criticized recently by the Minister of Defense, Juan Manuel Santos, of making a show in order to create a political importance to her figure, said that she can not give more details about the matter, but next Wednesday she is going to give good news to the public opinion.Last December Farc announced that it would release some hostages as a prove of its willing to dialogues and the humanitarian interchanges through the mediation of some Colombian intellectuals. Such group is leaded by the Liberal Senator Piedad Córdoba. The Senator is also one of the strongest figures in the opposition to the government of president Álvaro Uribe Vélez.

However, the delays of Farc in giving the promised information of the release, has put Sen. Córdoba at the center of the debate, when Minister Santos declared that it was just a show to give political importance to Córdoba. The Minister sent also a public message to the Farc inviting to consider the pain of the hostages families and haveing a good willing.

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