Orange alert in Huila Volcano

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The Colombian Institute of Mines and Geology, INGEOMINAS, turned on the orange alert about the Nevado del Huila volcano and said that a possible eruption would take place in few days or weeks. The volcano had an eruption last November and it will have other, said the experts of the Colombian institute that observes the volcanoes in the country.

On 31rst December 2008 there was a quake of 3,2 points in the Richter Magnitude Scale at 18:45. The earth movement was felt in Páez-Belalcázar town, Huila State.

The volcano is also one of the highest snowed mountain of central Colombia and it has the risk of a sudden discharge of a ice cap. The pick of the mountain reaches 5 thousand 364 meters up the sea level, being the second altitude of Colombia after Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. It is located between the states of Huila, Tolima and Cauca, in the central region of the Colombian Andes. It is also a national park. The volcano started a high activity in March 2007 with the melt of its ice and it had an eruption on 17th April of that year. The eruption caused an avalanche of ice and mud in its two sides.

Several towns nearby the volcano were affected. Last 20th November 2008 there was the last eruption, but the communities nearby the mountain were prevented at time, although some persons died. By now, 14 municipalities are on red alert for a next eruption that could happen at any time and shelters are ready to save the population, according to INGEOMINAS.

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