Colombian authorities deported Africans

· Latin America

A long travel to United States from Africa stopped in Colombia. Five Africans were arrested by the Colombian police in the State of Córdoba, according to sources of the Security Administration Department of Colombia, DAS.Officials from DAS arrested five foreigners from Africa, who were traveling from the city of Montería to the town of Puerto Rey on the last week of December. The foreigners were irregular in Colombia and were trying to cross to Panama by any means. Two of them were from Nepal and three from Somalia. They arrived by sea to Brazil, crossed to Peru, Ecuador and finally Colombia, to be sent back to Africa by the Colombian authorities for lack of visa and passports.

Another seven persons from Somalia were deported as well for the same reasons, according to DAS.  It said that there is a net of illegal human traffic that intends to bring persons from African countries into United States crossing Latin America.

Usually the human traffic mafias offer to impoverished African young men to cross the Mediterranean sea to reach the coasts of countries like Spain and Italy. This is then a new service: to be brought to United States crossing Latin America for fees as 2 thousand dollars.

It is possible that the Africans are transported from the West coast of their continent to Brazil in different ships and then to the north by land, said the Colombian police department.

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