The doors are open for Colombia, said Ecuador

· Latin America, Politic

Colombia must respect the sovereignty of Ecuador in order to reestablish the diplomatic relations among both countries, said the Minister of Domestic and Foreign Security of Ecuador, Gustavo Larrea in the national television yesterday.

The Colombian army attacked a camp of the Farc guerrilla in 1rst March 2008 that was located at the Ecuadorian site of the Putumayo river. In the attack 16 guerrillas were killed, among them the international spokesman of Farc, Raul Reyes. Ecuador considered that event as a violation of the Ecuadorian sovereignity. By its part, Colombia accused that high rank personalities in Quito had links to the Farc guerrillas.

Recently, President Rafael Reyes said that the Colombian chancellor Araujo was a liar after the chancellor suggested that Ecuador should help in the guard of the border.

Larrea said also that the ilegal fields of coca in the border (about 99,000 hectares) and the presence of more than 15 thousand men of guerrilla and paramilitary groups in the border, is a Colombian problem and it is not an Ecuadorian problem. He added that the only worry of Ecuador is not to be contaminated by the Colombian conflict.

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