Natural medicine is also nice, said Colombian tribunal

· Culture

Think in natural medicine can be seen as primitive and even legendary for many in our modern world. Normally natural cultures are used to look for plants and therapies to resolve health troubles. But natural medicine is often opposed by the traditional medicine of the well studied doctors of the Western culture. The Colombian High Tribunal, however, recommended to the private health enterprises to consider natural medicine as a good alternative.

Even if more than 70% of Colombians live in cities, huge regions are the space of what we can call natural cultures like Afro-Colombians, indigenous and farmers. In regions like the Colombian Pacific with a great jungle and few paths to the main urban centers, to get a doctor is almost a dream. People keep then their traditional skills on how to deal with sickness. But in those places children are vulnerable to epidemics like dengue, malaria and many others that could be avoid with preventive vaccinations. This fact does not oppose the idea that many plants have their medicinal effects. We can not forget that traditional medicine relays in any way to natural bases.

But natural medicine is not constricted to jungles. Cities keep space for this alternative medicine and it is easy to find stands in the popular markets with vegetables destined to cure the evils of the human body. Besides it, the millenarian traditions of old Asia have opened their ways in countries like Colombia. Clinics of acupuncturist can be found in cities like Bogotá, Cali, Medellín and Barranquilla with expensive consultations.

The case is almost the same: persons who have been trying per years with traditional medicine, get the advance of any friend and visit the natural clinics to find that in several cases they improve and even overcome their sickness.

It happened to a woman in Barranquilla, who demanded the Colombian private health enterprise Coomeva before the High Tribunal because it denied her the grant to assist natural medicine for her sickness. She said that for six years she was trying with traditional medicine without any improvement, until she decided to follow a homeopathic treatment. Coomeva did not accept to grant the treatment and then she went to the court.

The High Tribunal gave reason to Coomeva because the judge considered that the health enterprise has made all the due terms with the patient during all those six years.

What it new in this sentence of the Court was the recommendation that the judge let to Coomeva: consider natural medicine as an alternative, at the same level of any other traditional medicine treatment. Surely the sentence of the Tribunal let a prescedent and natural medicine got a benefit in all this.

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