Prudence with Ecuador, said Carter Center

· Latin America, Politic, Violence

Prudence with Ecuador, said the Carter Center after the words of president Rafael Correa. The Ecuadorian president called Colombian chancellor Jaime Bermúdez a liar in his Saturday television program in Quito. He said that Colombia was not serious in the intention of reestablish the diplomatic relations. To this regard, August Ramírez Ocampo of the Carter Center that has tried to support the dialogues about the two South American countries after the Andean Crisis, recommended that it is good to stop what he called the “diplomacy of the microphone” and use the regular diplomatic channels.

Ramírez Ocampo said also that the declarations of President Correa were not those of a head of state, but of feelings. He underlined the moderate language of the Colombian diplomacy in this conflict with Ecuador that started when the Colombian army attacked a Farc camp in Ecuadorian territory on March 1rst 2008.

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