More Colombians with Spaniard residence this year

· Latin America, Society

More Colombian migrants in Spain received permanent residence this year than former times, according to Spaniard Permanent Migration Observer in its September report, informed by Colombian newspaper El Espectador.

The report concluded that the increase in the number of permanent residents increased 2.5% in comparison with 2007. Most of the persons who received Spaniard resident come from Europe itself, especially Romania with 29.017 citizens.

Argentinians, Bolivians and Ukrainians were the less number of foreigners accepted with permanent residence with numbers less than thousand persons.

The 41.4% of accepted foreigners come from Europe, the 29% from Spanish-speaking countries, the 20.4% from Africa, the 6% from Asia and the 3% from non-Communitarian European countries.

Romanians, with 715,750 persons, have the biggest number in Spain followed closely by Moroccans with 681,929 persons. The third group of foreigners in Spain is made by Ecuadorians with 387,927 and the fourth of Colombians with 259,946 persons.

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