Cartagena, world top destination by Frommer

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Authors de Indias was among the world top destinations this year by the prestigious American travel magazine, Frommer in its 2008 edition of December 17th.

Good for one of the most beautiful cities of the Americans, full of history and charm. Frommer said:

“Every year the Frommer’s editorial team puts its component heads together to determine what destinations travelers should be considering in the months ahead. This list is neither “hot” nor “on-the-verge” or anything like that. It’s a mix of value picks that’ll still wow you, cities that are sprucing up for big events, smart alternatives to overrun spots nearby, and destinations that are justifiably hyped.”

And then our Colombian city appears at the head of the list, saying that Colombia is doing much to get rid of that violent image that kept tourists away from our beautiful beaches and atonishing mountains.

Crime rates in major cities are now no higher than what you’d find in an average large American city like Philadelphia or Milwaukee“, said Frommer presenting Cartagena, one of the most developed tourist infrastructure, at only 2.5 hours from Miami.

Frommers underlined also its wonderfully picturesque, the ancient Spanish military wall and architecture and the white-sand beaches.

Nice to see Frommer visiting Cartagena de Indias. Nice to invite them to look into other beautiful places like Santa Marta, two hours by car at the north of Cartagena; Medellín, Bogotá and Cali with much to see.


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  1. gmpcsphones

    Cartagena seems like a real beautiful place.

  2. danirc

    i live in cartagena..i can tell you that cartagena is an awesome place..full of history and beautiful places…..the food is wonderful and the people very kind¡¡

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