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Time to rumba. Photo

Out of beautiful places to visit in Colombia, one of those things that a foreign tourist can not forget is what is called in the country “Rumba“. In Cuba, Rumba means a kind of dance developed in the island from African roots. In Colombia, it became more than a dance, a cultural element of enjoyment, a moment almost so near to a philosophical style of life.

Aspect of the "Water Fire" (Aguardiente) in one of the many trade marks.

Any Colombian city is good for rumba. Any world city with a considerable number of Colombians, has surely an experience of rumba.

It has mainly to see with nightlife. If you come to Colombia, you should spare hours of the day on your bed, because you can not lost the opportunity to enjoy the Colombian discos and zona rosas of any city during the night.

Zona rosa (literally in English “Pink Zone”), is not yet a fully concluded concept in Latin American Spanish. For many, it is related to gay areas. However, that is not completely true, since zona rosas are spaces for anybody ready to enjoy nightlife. I can define zona rosa, at least in Colombia, as the space for rumba or city nightlife. In Colombia the zona rosa is a place with nice shopping malls, good restaurants, discos, movie houses, parks and boulevards. You can ask to any for the zona rosa and you will get surely good information from your hotel.

Rumba can be done in any space with a great disco with enough room for dance. It is not necessary to join any zona rosa, but to look for one is a good idea. However, the cities offers many other places out of zona rosas. The insistence in ZRs is that those places are often safe and easy to identify if you are new in the city.

In Bogotá, the main spaces for nightlife are traditionally located at Chapinero, northeastern of the city, with several malls, restaurants and discos. At the beginning of the 20th century, the area was just a small town, well known because it had the hacienda of the 19th century Colombian poet José Asunción Silva. The 1917 Bogotá’s earthquake made that many inhabitants of the city moved to the area and El Bogotazo of 1948 changed the traditional big town of Bogotá to become a growing city during the next decades. Chapinero, that was a rural area of the surroundings, became soon one of the most commercial and important districts of Bogotá. Today you can not come to the capital of Colombia omitting that sector, especially to have a beautiful night of rumba with your Colombian friends.

In Medellín the zona rosa is located in El Poblado, at southeast of the city, especially in Parque Lleras. The sector is one of the most exclusive places of Medellín, excellent service of transportation, restaurants, malls, movie houses and discos.

In Cali we can say that everything is rumba. Actually, it can be praised as the Capital of the Colombian Rumba as it is also the World Capital of Salsa. It is not difficult to look for spaces with good restaurants, discos, malls and rumba in the a city with a tropical weather and so joyful people. The north of Cali and its 6th Avenue is famous for its night clubs and discos, malls and parks.

In Cartagena de Indias and Santa Marta the beach is the zona rosa. The historical downtown of Cartagena is ideal to have the experience of a Colombian rumba and you will not forget it.

The rumba is celebrated normally at the weekends, but in a month like December, all Colombia is a rumba. It can be the nights of Fridays and Sundays, but some skillful rumberos are able to celebrate between Thursday and Sunday.

Get a good dinner and look a good group of friends to visit any well known disco in the city.  Choosing a disco depends on references and fame. There are many kind of them: those for young people and those for those who are not so young; those for romantics, for Vallenato lovers, Salsa and other kind of music and artists.

Inside the disco you have to taste the national drink of Colombia: Aguardiente, that in English could be translated as “Fire Water”. It is a strong drink, transparent and delicious that is drunk in a small cup. Populary, it is also known as Guaro. Normally you do not drink it slowly, but you consume the entire cup in a single time. If you are afraid to get drunk so quickly, there is the solution and it is the second part of the rumba: You have to dance all the night. It is the best way to avoid to get drunk easily.

A good rumba includes singing together with the musicians. Especially those discos with live artists are the best, a norm for most of the discos of cities like Medellín and Cartagena.

Just prepare your best shoes for dancing if you intend to visit Colombia this time. Look on the Internet for the best and most recommended discos to enjoy the cities nightlife of Colombia. You will not forget it.


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  1. pua7

    Hi, I just droped here , coz I was lured by the rumba..Your blog and photo is very nice..I ‘ve been going to go to the ballroom dance school …
    I like all kind of dace, also like disco dance..But…now I can’t to do that..Coz, I become 50years old in this year..haha..

    If you don’t mind, I’d like to visit here sometime…and llink your blog to my site..
    If you have time, please see my homepage..
    When you go to the my link page and like to ballroomdance channel, that’s greart..

    best regard

  2. Anonymous

    Good stuff!

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