Medellín and Bogotá, a competition of lights

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If Medellín, with its great company of energy, EEPPdeMed (Medellín Public Enterprises), one of the biggest in South America, has been by tradition the light capital in a Colombian December, now it has to put more attention, since other Colombian cities are improving their own Christmas public lights every year. The first one is the capital of Colombia, of course. Now less inhabitants of Bogotá abandon their cold city to look for lights other where. Now they have their own spectacular lights. December is the month of vacations in Colombia. Academic year finishes at the beginning of the 12th month and companies use to close in order to respect the Catholic Christmas traditions of most of their employers. December is the month of rumba in Colombia. Families move from province to province, malls and markets are crowed and the atmosphere of fiesta is everywhere.

Traditionally Bogotá has not been a city to remain in December. This is a cold month in the capital of the country. Former administrations of the city were not much concern about giving a Christmas touch to the metropolis. But it is over. Bogotá is learning to be attractive and welcoming. It put lights to its face in December.

This year the Christmas lights of Bogotá are special and worthy to see. The Bolívar Plaza, Usaquén Square, the Tintal, the 93th st., El Virrey Sq., and the National and Santander parks, are places to visit with a good digital camera. According with the municipality, this year there are six million of lights in the city, making a cable of 300 kilometers (180 miles). The administration of the 7 million inhabitants city invested this year 6 million pesos (USD 2,752,041) in the lighting work that is called “La Ruta de la Navidad” (The Way of the Christmas).

But Medellín has its own and continues being the king of the Christmas spirit in December. This year the works are called “Medellín, luces de vida” (Lights of Life) that will be extended to many districts that were not contemplated in the plan last years. It will make a homage to the ecological enviroment and the natural resources. In its official opening, Federico Restrepo, manager of EEPPdeMed, said that the Christmas lights in Medellín this year will be a homage to the earth, the water and the ancestral traditions of Colombia. The administration invested 6,200,000 Pesos (USD). The internationally known singer Juanes did a concert this year to give promotion to the Christmas lights as a space of gathering for the people of his city.

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