Fighting poverty is a duty in Colombia, said President of Bavaria

· Economics

Karl Lippert, President of Bavaria. Photo

Karl Lippert, the president of Bavaria, the Colombian Beer Company, said that fighting poverty is a duty for all companies and development organizations in the country. Even if Colombia has improved social conditions in the last decades, 48% of the population still under poverty, said Lippert in “That is not a benefit for anybody“, he writes.So high level of poverty is a conspiracy against happiness, he said, and it puts an obstacle to social cohesion. Poverty is also the main cause of several social evils and it is a high cost for a nation. Poverty is expensive for a society.

Bavaria launched a program in 2006 named “Destapa Futuro” (Uncovers Future) to encourage the creation of long term business projects in Colombia. Lippert explains in his article of Portafolio that the program offers skill and support to entrepreneurs in order to create employment.

“Colombia is an entrepreneurial society. It is a place where it is required to explain the advantages of founding a business. In fact, according with the classification of Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, Colombia is located among the first three world countries for its entrepreneurial vocation”, he writes.

Unfortunately, most of the entrepreneurs are trapped among activities that do not generate actually much value, especially in the informal sector where people do whatever to survive. Those kind of informal business activities are of short term and they do not help to overcome poverty. What Colombians need is support to make real growing business activities and get the enough skill to hold themselves in the national and international markets with innovative products and services. They must be made prepared to be able to compete at an international standards.

According to the researches of Bavaria, business venture in Colombia is limited by low expectations of success and it has many difficulties to access to knowledge and seed capital. Destapa Futuro wants to help people to overcome difficulties. To do so, Bavaria calls the private sector, the agents of development, financial institutions and skill training, to join the project in the fight against poverty in Colombia.


LIPPERT, Karl, “Emprendimiento, arma contra la pobreza“,, 12 de diciembre de 2008.

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