What about Chávez

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Schafik handal con fidel.jpg

Hugo Chávez with Schafik Handal, Fidel Castro and Evo Morales in a meeting in La Habana in 2004.

President Chávez became in the last decade one of the most popular and even influential Latin American presidents of the region. His name appeared in most of the press of the West Hemisphere and even as far as Asia. However, for journalist Simón Alberto Consalvi of El Espectador, it is like that madman – mentioned by Simon Bolívar in a letter to General Paez, – who used to go up to the hills of Athenes in the evenings in order to lead the ships on high seas.What was the intention of president Hugo Chávez Frías was to free the world from the “Imperialist dominion” of the United States. In order to do so, he looked to close relations with Cuba, Iran, Russia and China.

What was the problem is that Chávez seemed not to know that Russia was not more that of the Soviet Union and that modern China is far from that of Mao Tse-Tung. He targeted George Bush, using his name inside and outside Venezuela, convinced to be the winner.

As Consalvi said, Chávez separted Venezuela from the Association of Andean Countries (CAN), stating that it was a “nest of oligarchs”. He said that he would look for Mercosur. But after he lost CAN and Mercosur. He wanted to found the Bank of the South to replace the Inter-American Development Bank and he suggested to create a South American “NATO” to face the Empire. He founded Telesur to compite with CNN, but he remained alone when Argentina and Brazil did not support the project.

In 2012 Chávez wanted to present his name for a reelection, although his popularity is fading. However, what is important is that Chávez could do at least some noyse of the need of a more united Latin America. The world is watching on Venezuela what would come after Chávez as president.

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