It is necessary military action, said Ingrid Betancourt about Farc

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It is necessary military action against the guerrilla,” said the former hostess of Farc, Ingrid Betancourt in her visit to Bolivia. “The guerrilla is completely back to the Colombian reality“, “They became a drug cartel“, “They lost their ideologies and their leaders became bourgeois due to the benefits of the drug traffic“, were the words of Betancourt to the Bolivian press.

Picture by Fabio Gismondi.

Betanourt is doing a visit to some South American nations to promote unity in order to get the release of the hostages hold by the Farc guerrillas in the forests of Colombia. She said in Bolivia that military actions are justified because Farc became a cartel of drugs. President Evo Morales, who has declared several times that the Colombian guerrilla should end any arm action and look for political solutions, said that after the visit of Betancourt, he felt more commited to promote with other presidents of the region and social movements the end of any arm fighting in Latin America. Before the Betancourts’ visit, Morales said that military actions against guerrillas in Colombia were not the solution and the country should work first to end social problems.

For Ingrid Betancourt, the Colombian-French hostage who was captived in the forest for six years, four months and nine days, and became a figure of freedom, Farc should be confronted by the army because it itself is a military structure and non a group of “bandits.”

Farc is a military organization with a communist doctrine of fifty years, but it lost what is essencial in a communist guerrilla that is reflecting in politics the social problems of Colombia, said Betancourt to the Bolivian press. She said also that the guerrilla is far already from the Colombian problems and became a cartel of drugs.

President Evo Morales has called the Farc guerrillas to end the arm conflict and look for democratic ways. Fighting for social reforms can not be done through kidnapping and killings, said the president.

Betancourt said also that Farc is “a guerrilla without people” and for this reason president Álvaro Uribe has been elected, reelected and probably, elected for a third period.

She accused also the commanders of the guerrilla to be “revolucionary bourgeouses” due to the opulence of the drug trades. In this case, it is right a military actions against Farc, although she was agreed with president Morales that it is also urgent to look for solutions to the social problems of the Colombian young farmers who live in aisolated and poor regions of the country. She said that president Evo Morales is an example that the leftist can come to power through democracy, as there are other examples in Latin America.

If the Farc keeps admiration for presidents like Morales of Bolivia and Chávez of Venezuela, it does not mean that there is a clandestine relations among the guerrilla and those presidents, said Betancourt. She said that the participation of president Chávez in the release of the guerrilla hostages is very important and that does not mean that Chávez is an affiliated to the Farc.

Ingrid Betanourt has been already in Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Brazil. After her visit to Bolivia, she will visit Venezuela and then France.

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