Farc tricky the country, said Uribe

· Politic

Alvaro Uribe by b.wu.png

Another strong statement against Farc and Eln guerrillas made president Álvaro Uribe in Bogotá yesterday. He said that Farc is tending a trap with the help of a politician, which he did not mention the name, but the Colombian press considers is Senator Piedad Córdoba, political leader of the humanitarian interchange.

President Uribe said in a communitarian meeting in the capital that a political leader is traming a new humanitarian release of hostages to look for a humanitarian interchange. For the president, that action has only the intention of trick and kill using the figure of humanitarian release.

He mentioned also the attack that Eln guerrillas did in Fortul, Arauca State, where nine policemen were killed. He accused the Eln of terrorists and said that they appear as “intelectual and humanitarian guerrilla” before of the eyes of the world, but at the end they are only “drug traffickers and terrorists that pose as poets and humanists but are only killers.”

President Uribe said also that 18 guerrillas of Eln accepted the agreements of peace with the government in the State of Chocó.

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