Another controversial book on Uribe and Paramilitaries

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El defensor de Derechos Humanos Iván Cepeda

Foto: Óscar Pérez - El Espectador

True or not, one thing is completely true: The matter of paramilitaries has been a shadow for the governance of president Álvaro Uribe. For several opponents, President Uribe and his family has been involved with Paramilitaries since the beginning of his political career. To state that, books have been written. This coming 9th of December the human rights defenders Iván Cepeda and Jorge Rojas will present their work “A las puertas del Ubérrimo” (At The Doors of the Ubérrimo), published by Random House Mondadori.

According with Iván Cepeda, one of his authors, it is the cronicle of the history of the paramilitaries in the Córdoba State since the time of the slaughters at the middle of the 1980s; the creation of CONVIVIR, the communitarian self-defense committees created and even approved by the goverment of César Gaviria; the founding of AUC, the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, known also as Paramilitaries and the Santa Fe de Ralito Agreement.

Undoubtedly, the name of president Uribe will have big share in the work of Cepeda and  Rojas, because they linked his political career with the development of the paramilitaries in the Antioquia and Córdoba states. The Ubérrimo is a farm in Córdoba that was owned by president Uribe and that is pointed by the book as one of the main spots of the founding of AUC and the political project of the paramilitaries.

The same Cepeda writes in El Espectador that the book will cause surely controversy and will contribute more discussion in the polarized political arena of Colombia. One extract of the book was published by El Espectador.

Two of the comments to the article in Spanish in the Colombian independent journal El Espectador:

“The numbers of this Iván Cepeda do not fit, because in the presidencial elections of 2002 the winner in all the region influenced by the paramilitaries, was Horacio Serpa!!! In the State of Cordoba, for example, where it was signed the “Ralito Agreement” and where many “paras” had their headquarters, Horacio Serpa got 196,697 votes and Álvaro Uribe 142,407 votes. The numbers are here! Not more lies! Not more manipulations! Not more half trues!” (Certero33)

“The same as the book of Joseph Contreras, Biografía no autorizada de Alvaro Uribe (El Señor de las Sombras), the one of Fabio Castillo Los Jinetes de la Cocaina and the one of Virginia Vallejo Amando a Pablo Odiando a Escobar, the book of Iván Cepeda and Jorge Rojas I do not think will be distributed in  Colombia, just because it will show to the dreamers that eat stories of the Cartel of Medellín, that the ass of the narcos of the House of Nari [ño] and their associated ones in the power, have nothing to see with all scandalous events that Colombia lives today and that nobody denounce the “feats” of the riders of power. (Eviru Oravla)

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