Three Colombians nominated by Fox Sport Channel

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Gustavo Yacaman, the best pilote. Picture by

Three Colombians were nominated by Fox Sport Channels to the annual awards. Oscar Córdoba, Elkin Serna and Gustavo Yacamán, were the names included by the prestigious sport channel in different modalities of international recognizance for their sport performances.

The Colombian goalkeeper Oscar Córdoba has been nominated to the “Outstanding Career” Aware.

The goalkeeper Oscar Córdoba. Picture from

The goalkeeper Oscar Córdoba. Picture from

Córdoba has played more than 70 times in the national team of his country and he is currently playing for the popular Millonarios Team of Bogotá. He began his career in Atletico Nacional of Medellín in 1988 and since then he has gone to different teams inside and outside Colombia, like Deportivo Cali in 1989, Deportes Quindío in 1990, Millonarios in 1991, Once Caldas in 1993 and América de Cali in 1997 where he won the Colombian Championship. He was also in Argentina with Boca Junior to win the Argentine Championship Aperture in 1998. He is also remember by his performances in the Copa Libertadores of 2000 and 2001 and the Intercontinental Cup in 2000. Europe saw also the passing of Córdoba in Perugia and Turkey, to return to Colombia.

Elkin Serna broke record at Beiging. Now under the look of Fox Sport.

Elkin Serna broke record at Beiging. Now under the look of Fox Sport.

Elkin Serna, the outstanding Paralimpic Athlete that won silver at the 2008 summer Paralimpics Men’s marathon in Beijing, was also nominated as one of the best by the sportive channel. Serna broke a previous record of 2:31:31, running 2:31:16 to get the silver medal in the Paralimpics.

Gustavo Yacaman, the “best pilot”, is the third Colombian to Fox Sport, who is in the list. Yacaman is the youngest pilot in the Spaniard Formula 3, with six records for his category in 2007. He has also other previous awards like the best sportsman 2005 and 2006 by the Colombian journal El Espectador and the 2007 pilot by the Exporter Federation of Colombia, Proexpo.

Fox Sport will give the awards this coming 6th of December at the Tango Palace in Buenos Aires, Argentina in its 5th edition. This is also the first time that Fox Sport will give the awards outside Miami, giving to the event a more international character.


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