Heavy rains hit Colombia and Latin America

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opsHeavy rains hit Colombia and Latin America causing landslides, flooding and hundreds of victims in different regions. It is already more than two months of rains and thousand of persons have lost their houses in Colombia and Brazil, according to local medias.

A heavy rain on the city of Ibagué, southwest of Bogotá, destroyed more than 200 houses, while rescue teams are trying to take out a girl who is trapped in the site of the disaster. In Brazil 20,000 persons lost their houses and 44 died due to heavy rains at the southeast of the country, according to the Civil Defense Service. Four towns were cut off by a landslide in the State of Santa Catarina and many persons lost the life, while over 160,000 people have not electricity due to damage by the rains. Colombian and Brazilian authoritires forecast that rainings will continue in the coming weeks. Colombians showed solidarity gathering help for the victims of the raining season, said the Colombian Red Cross.

In an interview to Caracol Broadcasting, the director of the National Red Cross, Carlos Iván Márquez, said that help has been gathered since 29th of November to support the homeless and victims of the heavy rainings that are affecting Colombia. The Red Cross have received 540 tons of help from places like Bogotá, Valle del Cauca, Antioquia, Santander, Atlántico and Risaralda for the victims. Márquez underlined that the most generous region has been Bogotá. The Red Cross gathers help like food, mattresses, elements of personal hygienic and clothe. The official asked also for blood donation, especially the negative type. Colombians abroad or persons willing to support the programs of the Red Cross to help the victims of the raining season, can donate to “Cruz Roja de Colombia, Banco BBVA, No. 242016244.”

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