Michelle Rouillard Estrada, Miss Colombia 2009

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Michelle Rouillard Estrada, Miss Colombia 2009

By Albeiro Rodas — Pictures from Vive.in.

Colombia celebrates the election of its beauty queen for 2009. Michelle Rouillard Estrada was crowned last night in Cartagena de Indias as the new Miss Colombia in the traditional national contest. Taliana Vargas, Miss Colombia 2007, passed the crown to her successor and the responsibility to represent the country in the next Miss Universe. Taliana was near to become the most beautiful women of the earth in the last world contest in Nha Trang – Vietnam, but the crown was won by the Venezuelan Dayana Mendoza.

Michelle was the representative of the Cauca State, a region at the south west of Colombia, which capital is Popayán, another colonial and ancient site like Cartagena de Indias (Northern Colombia). The 21 years old Miss Colombia, white and green eyes, is a professional in international business engineer of the University of Concordia in Montreal – Canada and can speak English and French. Lina Marcela Mosquera, the representative of the Chocó State (Pacific Region), was selected as the second more beautiful women of the South American country.


Taliana Vargas, Miss Colombia 2007

The national beauty contest paid a homage to Luz Marina Zuluaga, the only Colombian Miss Universe of 1958. At the other site, the public showed a great appreciation for Taliana Vargas, Miss Colombia 2008 and the second most beautiful woman of the world. Taliana was also the youngest Miss Colombia in the history of the beauty contents. It is already a challenge for Michelle to fill the space of the former Miss Colombia, who has hold a great national and international popularity.

More than 600 participants gathered at the “Julio César Turbay” Center of Congresses of the Caribbean city of Cartagena. The Colombian Fanny Lu and the Spaniard Rosario were the singers of the night.

Lina Marcela Mosquera, Miss Chocó and the second most beautiful woman of Colombia.

The other starts of the night

The second Colombian beauty was Lina Marcela Mosquera from Quibdó – Chocó State. A 19 years old lady who is a student of social communication at Fundación Luis Amigó. She was a real favorite one, brown color, sensuality and charisma.

Of course, the other star of the night was Taliana Vargas, Miss Colombia 2007 who conquered the hearts of the Colombians and the international media.


Luz Marina Zuluaga, Miss Universe 1958

But Cartagena, the main Colombia tourist spot, paid also a homage to Luz Marina Zuluaga, the only Colombian woman who brought the world crown to her country.

She was born in Pereira, although she went to Cartagena de Indias as a representant for the neighboring State of Caldas (Manizales), a detail that would bring controversy among the two coffee region provinces. Coming from a poor family, whe became Miss Colombia 1957 in a time of political turbulences. It was also the first time that Colombia sent a girl to participate in the world beauty contest and she had little time to prepare for such.

On July 25, 1958, the Colombian media was surprised by the news from Long Beach – California. Luz Marina from Colombia was crowned as the Miss Universe of that year. It was also the time of political transitions from a dictatorship and it made that Luz Marina could not come immediately to her country. When she arrived at El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá, a large crowd of persons were waiting for her. She married a doctor and moved to United States, but returned in 1966 to work in the Manizales city council, getting involved with tourist promotion.

Colombia has an international fame for the beauty of her women. Even if Luz Marina has been the only crowned in the Miss Universe contest, many other representatives have been in the first places as the most beautiful women of the planet.

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  1. juan david

    por favor señores los hay algunos colombianos que estamos ahblando mal de nuestra representante para miss universe 2009 es una de las mejores para miss universe 2009

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