Indonesia and Colombia, cats or tigers

· Economics

Maybe Colombians know very little about Indonesia and surely Indonesians know very little about Colombia, but in economics it is not like this. Both countries see each other with interest. Both are located in very strategic places of the eart, Colombia at the middle of the Americas, Indonesia in a kind of bridge made by thousand islands between Asia and Oceania.

In an article of Laura Victoria Botero (El Colombiano, Medellín, August 20, 2008), Johan Mulyadi, the first secretary and in charge of the economic affairs of the Embassy of Indonesia in Bogotá, said:

“We are sister nations, we have the same “social conditions”, it is not understable that a pair of tennis that in Indonesia are sold in 5,000 Pesos average, the same pair put on Colombia reach 200,000 Pesos. We believe that this country is paying in a high cost the mediation of third parts like Mexico, Panama and United States”

Mulyadi said that in the 2nd Asian Week organized by Eafit University of Medellín. It is also very curious that Indonesia has an Embassy in Bogotá, but Colombia has not an embassy in Yakarta, with a country that has much to share with our South American growing cat with the hope to be a tiger, just as Indonesia has done recently. For Mulyadi, according to the Botero´s article, it is important to strengthen the political and commercial relations among the two countries and he calls Colombia a “super power” and the “Asian door” to the Americas.

Mulyadi analysed also the economic history of Indonesia since 1997 when the crisis made it fall from a “Tiger” to a “Cat” and how the crisis affected all the structures, the high rise in unemployment – only in the spam of two year 40 million persons lost their jobs, almost the entire Colombian population. – The overcoming of such crisis was due to a reform in the finanze system like the reduction of banks (from 500 to 5), the establishment of an organized monetary policy to control the change rate and facilitate the processes for investment. It made of Indonesia a Tiger of the economy again.

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