Fanny Mickey, from Argentina to the Colombian stages

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Colombia and Argentina cry for Fanny Mickey, a charismatic woman, who was able to lead one of the most important artistic events of the Americas, the Ibero-American Festival of Theatre of Bogotá. She passed away last 16 of August in the World Capital of Salsa, Cali, but Bogotá disputed with the third largest Colombian city the privilege to give honor to the Colombian-Argentinian actress and director.Fanny Mickey was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1930. Her father did not want his daugher to dedicate her life to theatre, an activity that was seem with a certain disdain by the most conservative areas of any Latin American nation during the first part of the 20th century. At 20 she left Argentina following the love of her life after her studies as an actress in the Jews Society of the Austral nation. She moved from her native Buenos Aires of Tango to the Salsa capital al the northern part of South America in Santiago de Cali where she joined “Teatro Experimental”, one of the most famous companies of theatre in Colombia.

In the 1960’s she went to Bogotá to be a member of the recent founded “Teatro Popular”, starting the career that made of her a well-known personality, first in Colombia and Argentina and after in Latin America. The first Cafe Concert of Bogotá was made by Mickey, while she went throughout the continent showing what she produced in group or individually.

The 78 years old Grand Mother of the Latin American theatre was almost ready for two shows of her work “Perfums of Arrabal and Tango”, when she was brought to the hospital due to a kidney infection. She died Saturday morning and the news moved the Colombian media. President Uribe offered the National Palace for her funeral.

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