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What is politic is under fire in Colombia today. The process that brought the Para-militaries to give up the guns and start a peace dialogue, conducted also to what is called in Colombia “Parapolitica“, it is to say, investigations to hight rank personalities in the goverment and Congress in their links to the Para-military groups. During the confessions of the former Para-militaries to the prosecutor, they mentioned the participation of several personalities in their operations that caused war crimes and killing fields. Para-politic is not yet over and it has now its other alter: “Farc-Politic”.

In this case is almost the same: hight rank personalities linked to the support of the FARC guerrillas. There are already three persons called to inquiry before the prosecutor: the journalists Carlos Lozano and William Parra and a former adviser of a NGO, Fensuagro. The link of this persons to the guerrilla group is due to the statments given by former members of FARC.

At the other hand, the ex-Senator Luis Humberto Gómez Gallo was released from prison. He was accused by a ex-Para militar of having connections with the self-defense groups, but the prosecutor did not find evidences. But while Gómez overcame the Para-politic, General Mario Montoya of the Colombian Army was accused at the same way as supporter of the Para-militaries.

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