“Brazil-centrism” in Latin America

· Economics

“Brazil-centrism” is the term used by AméricaEconomía to that concept that is starting to give priority to the huge Latin American country, but at the same time ignoring the whole region. However, Brazil has been the Latin American giant and it has been proven during the last years with a speedy economic growing that is attracting more foreing investment.

If this is good news for Brazil, it comes to be a worry or a challenge for the other Latin American economies that become overshadowed by the South American nation.

According with AméricaEconomía, out of the 500 biggest Latin American companies, 210 are Brazilian, a number that is far bigger than the number of Mexican companies, the second Latin American countries in this matter. From these 210 Brazilian companies, the average in selling was of 41.7%, while the average for the total of the 500 Latin American countries was of only 22.9%.

In 2006 the two first Latin American nations with the biggest companies, according to AméricaEconomía were Brazil with 131 companies and Mexico with 95. The third was Chile with 30, Argentina with 18, Colombia with 9, Peru with 6 and Venezuela with 6.

Recommended readings

VISCA, Paolo. Grandes empreas continúan creciendo y se concentran. Tercer Mundo Económico. Diciembre de 2006.

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