5 million support Uribe

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So far President Alvaro Uribe remains in silence before the idea of a third reelection. Of course, that is what is expected, because technically the National Constitution of Colombia does not contemplate a third reelection. The article that allowed the second and consecutive presidencial reelection was introduced just in 2005 and it was the first time in Colombia in many years that a President goes for a second term.

Although the silence of President Uribe, his supporters are working very hard to guarantee a third term to the leader they considere one of the best presidents of Colombia. They sent to the Elections´ Department five million signatures of Colombians that support the idea. That means that a new referendum to the Constitution should be done.

Luis Guillermo Giraldo, General Secretary of the Social Party for the National Unity, known also as “Party of the U”, said:

“I dream with a Colombia in 2014, when President Uribe will give up the presidency, with no guerrilla, with no para-militaries, with the dedication of all the State security to fight the drug trafficking”

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