Chocó called liars the officials of its development

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The name “Chocó” means in Colombia poverty. Paradoxally, Chocó is the first producer of gold and other natural resources. Roads and other means of communication are in a very poor state and development seen to be not for this beautiful Colombian state that has one of the most wide rivers of the world, Atrato. However, Chocó has limits with the most rich and developed regions of Colombia: Antioquia, the Coffee Axes and Valle del Cauca. At its west it has limits with Panama, the region where the international market crosses from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Chocó conteins also the so called Afro-Colombian communities and the indigenous peoples in one of the most important American forest: Darien. The reasons why this state of the north-west of Colombia still so poor and abandond are a misterious, while children die in its undeveloped clinics because hunger.

However, last 3th of August the State of Chocó has its first presidential visit to discuss its reality and the results were of news: the community called their problems by their names before President Uribe and the officials of the many Colombian institutions in charge of national development. They said that Chocó has not roads, not good services, no education and hanger.  Only the discussion of the roads of the state took three hours, according with Caracol Broadcasting. The project to build appropiate roads to an isolated state is only in 30%, according to one of the evaluators in the meeting who called the director of Invias, the Colombian official institution for the national system of transportations, as a lirer. In other topics, the officials could not answer the inquieries of the Chocoan community. President Uribe promised the investment of 100 thousand million pesos to end the Quibdó – Medellín Highway.

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