Education for people who who have been denied their rights

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XIV Seminar at Ciudad Don Bosco


(ANS – Medellín) – With a concert performed by the “Orquesta Sinfónica Infantil y Juvenil de Medellín” the XIV Seminar at Ciudad Don Bosco was brought to a close. Held on 19 and 20 June at the Ciudad Don Bosco in Medellín, the meeting had as its topic “Educational and pedagogical alternatives for children and young people who have been denied their rights.”The seminar concentrated in particular on the right to education seen as an opportunity for children and young people to escape from the poverty that deprives them of every possibility.From statistics mentioned during the seminar it emerged that education is one of the rights most denied to the young in Colombian society In addition to the other rights denied to them, the vast majority of youngsters, about 95%, are excluded for the school system either because of behavioural emotional or family problems, or through neglect, abandonment or rejection.

The Ciudad Don Bosco Seminar now in its XIV year was attended by educationalists, professionals in various disciplines, representatives of public bodies, NGO, educational institutions, universities and experts who shared their own experiences and made suggestions to ensure the rights of the smallest ones.

The organises of the seminar were able to count of the support of the Secretariat for Education in the Antioquia Department. This same body has proposed to hold a similar seminar for its own workers as a means of formation so that education might become the indispensable means for the elimination of poverty, inequality and social exclusion.

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