Campus Party 2008 in Bogotá

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Campus Party in BrazilColombia is the second American country to be the seat of Campus Party, a Spaniard Festival on Digital Technology that will have Corferias as its headquarters between June 23 and 29.

By Albeiro Rodas – Picture from Campus Party Brazil

Colombia Passport. Campus Party is one of the biggest European LAN Party that recently conquered the Americas with its activities. A LAN Party is a big meeting of persons with their computers to play and share information and technology. It is realized every year gathering fans of technology from all Europe. This year Campus Party crossed the Atlantic first in Brazil by February and now in Colombia, a country that was not contemplated in the list, but the invitation of Telecom and the perspectives of a successful program in the second South American capital brought the Campus Party to the Andean nation.

Corferias, the traditional campus for expositions, congresses and seminars in Bogotá, is ready to receive visitors and locals to see the last in digital technology and its applications. The program has areas like astronomy, Software, Bots, developers and simulation.

Campus Party was an idea of EnRED, a youth group movement in Benalmádena, Spain that gathered fans of technology that organized their first “Ben-Al Party” in 1997. By 1998 was already known as Campus Party and had the attention of the mass media in all Spain. But after this 1998 version, EnRED abandoned the project due to some internal conflicts and Campus Party is taken by a new society, E3 Future, that would give the actual form and projection. E3 Future is officially founded in 1999 with Belinda Galiano as its first president and it received the support of several students of superior education in Spain. The Valladolid University in its department of informatic provided the coordination, levels and the creation of the Society of Online Players with the servers and competitions. The Sevilla University in its Faculty of Informatic with the GPUL Linux, made the configuration of the net, giving the technological support. Campus Party 2000 was done in Valencia and became in that year the biggest European event of this category for the number of participants connected online.

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