Not drinking water: 1,300 children death

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Many concentrate in factors as the political conflict, but there are other elements to be worried with the Colombian children. Diarrhea can kill also people, more if those people live in extreme poverty like not having drinking water. According with a report of the Vice Ministry for Drinking Water in Colombia, about 1,300 children died due to the lack of this vital element.

It is something astonishing in one of the first world reserves of water and with a mediumd standard of life, said Lelia Rojas, the Vice Minister of that Department cited by the Colombian newspaper El Espectador. The most affected child population is of those children aged one to five years old and it represents that 22 of every 1,000 living children, died for this factor. Not drinking water is the main reason to epidemics like diarrhea, typhoid and other mortal deceases. Providing drinking water to the population that lacks it, creating a culture of hygienic and washing hands and food, could save the life of our children.

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