Fake passports and visas in Madrid

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About 300 fake passports and visas are detected by the police of the Barajas International Airport, according with a report of EFE TV of last May. Most of the passports were hold by Colombian, Peruvian and Dominican citizens, who used fake passports from countries that do not need visa to come into the European Community or have less controls.

Many of those citizens use to pay big amounts of money in their countries to criminal nets of fakers in about USA 500. The fakers frequent the surroundings of foreign consulates and embassies to aboard persons who are applying for visas. Many of the persons, who agreed to get their visa in that way, were thinking that they were contracting a kind of visa service agency, but many of them did it knowing that they were getting fake visas or passports.

The Spaniard police put especial attention to the “hot” flights that come to the airport from Latin America, Africa and Asia, the regions more likely to bring passengers with fake documents.

The reason why this case happens more with Colombian, Peruvian and Dominican citizens is because they might have on their passport an entrance visa to the European territory. For this reason there are not Venezuelan fakers, for example, when Venezuelan citizens can come to Europe without visa.

Before Spain and Italy joined officially the European Community, Colombians could come in their territories without visa. Even if both countries were pressed by the EC to put a visa condition to those citizens, it is also certain that problems of illegal immigration and fake documents happen more now that before the visa condition was stated. The rule felt and grew more irregularities.

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