“The End of the Illusion and the Last Guerrilla”, said The Economist

· Violence

The British Magazine in its analysis of the longest political conflict of the world, said in “The End of the Illusion and the Last Guerrilla” that it seems to be near the end of the FARC guerrilla, no by a total military actions as surely some groups are expecting, but as a real dialogue after some conditions are guaranteed like the weaken of its military structure caused by the former actions of president Uribe’s policies in dealing with them.

Only in the last months, the FARC lost some of its top leaders, among them the last want seems to be Iván Márquez in Venezuela, but there is not a confirmation of this event.

Surely it is not possible to include security guarantees for the FARC’s leaders, said the Magazine, not even include a power-sharing as some suggested, but they might be encouraged to participate in politics on the same terms of any other Colombian groups and accordingly to a democratic system. France has offered itself as a place for political asylum to guerrilla leaders in any kind of agreements within FARC and the Colombian government. Fixing the peace terms will be difficult, however, said the British.

At the other hand, in a report published by the national newspaper El Espectador of Colombia today, the “Corporación Nuevo Arcoiris” in its analysis about the political conflict said that FARC is planning to change strategies, even if it has been weaken. Three fronts would be the part of such strategy, that would be inspired in late Marulanda leader in statements made before his dead on last March: FARC would open in politics and it would try new ways of military fighting through mine lands and snipers, the journal said.

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