Marulanda is dead, said FARC

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The top leader and founder of the FARC guerrilla is dead, said the same organization in a statement. The news were said first by Minister Juan Manuel Santos in an interview to journalist María Isabel Rueda of Revista Semana . The communication of Santos was out of any official statement, a fact that disturbed president Uribe who said in the first hours that he did not know the news and that it was not good to tell such information to a single media. The FARC guerrilla confirmed that Pedro Antonio Marín, the real name of Manuel Marulanda Vélez, known also as Tirofijo, died from a heart attack on March 26, 2008. The succesor of Marín is Guillermo León Sáenz, known in that organization as “Alfonso Cano”, said the FARC communication. Marín was considered the eldest guerrilla leader of the world.

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