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The most important news in Colombia today is the South American Summit in Brazil trying to settle the ways to a continental union. It is made in a time when the continent endures several problems among its nations being a real challenge for Brazil, the main supporter toward a kind of “European Union” in South America. The “New Granada crisis“, the way to name the crush between Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela plus Nicaragua, the Argentinian-Uruguayan dispute over paper factories on the Río de la Plata, the Peruvian denounce of Chile over maritime borders plus the Bolivian claim on its right to the sea, the Venezuelan claim on Guayana Esequiba, the presence of three regional Parlaments (the Latin American, the Andean Community and the Mercosur) and the deep social diferences in every country, does the general context of this project that was called “Unasur”.

Shaking hands… of trust?

President Chávez gave his hand to President Uribe in Rio de Janeiro and said that the gesture was a way to recover the trust among them. So far Chávez and Uribe have been the most known presidents in the continent, opposed each other in politics and trying to lead a kind of regional union. Before coming to Brazil, Uribe ordered to change his hotel in order to avoid meeting Chávez and Correa.

Colombia will not be in a South American Council of Security

One of the proposals of Unisur is the creation of a council of security and defense of South America. The official speaker of the Colombian goverment claimed that Colombia will not join the council and recommend the creation of a commision to study the project. One of the reason arguided by Colombia was what it called the “terrorism meanece”.

The Ecuadorian Constitutional Assembly said that Colombia tries to violate its juridictional sovereignity one more

The Constitutional Assembly of Ecuador called the Latin American opinion to close against what it called the “war intentions” of president Uribe with its country after it knew that the Colombian prosecuter opened investigations against Calle and Iván Marcelo, brothers of Gustavo Larrea, minister for security for his apparently links to FARC guerrillas. According with the Assembly declaration, Uribe tries to internazionalize the Colombian conflict and justify the violation of the Ecuadorian sovereignity when the Colombian army attacked the Raul Reyes camp in Ecuador. In another part, president Correa said in Brazil that Colombia should open investigation to its own politicians involved in mafia and parapolitic in stead looking to his country.

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