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Angela Merkel said that it is important that the neighbouring countries participate in the fighting against terrorism.

The German Premier, Angela Merkel, visited Bogotá last Saturday coming from Lima where she participated in the 5th Latin American, Caribbean and European Union Summit. She said also that in her meeting with President Rafael Correa of Ecuador, she expressed that it is important that the Colombian neighboring countries participate in its fighting against terrorism. The German Premier recognized the Colombian progress in its social problems and asked justice for the victims of the Colombian violence.

Daniel Ortega said that if something wrong happens to the two Colombian women asilate in his country, he will make Alvaro Uribe the responsible for that.

The Nicaraguan president, Daniel Ortega, said officially that the Colombian goverment will be responsible if something bad happens to the three women who survived the military attack to the Raul Reyes FARC camp in Ecuador and who are asilated in Managua. The three women, one from Mexico, were transfered from Quito to Managua in a military aircraft that crossed the Colombian aerial space. Bogotá said that such act was unfair.

Venezuela said that Colombian troops came inside its territory, Colombia denied

The Minister of Defense of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, denied that Colombian troops have come illegally into Venezuelan territory as Caracas said. In an official communicate to Bogotá, Caracas reported that Colombian troops went inside its territory 800 meters.

We can say that there (in the border territory) there is a river, a very wide river and it is practically impossible that it happened as they say, said Santos.

Another FARC leader gave up

Nelly Avila Moreno, known as Karina in the FARC guerrillas and leader of the 47th Front operating in the Caldas and Antioquia states, gave up to the Colombian authorities in Sonson municipality. Avila is considered one of the most important FARC leaders and she was invited by President Uribe to demobilize.

The week of Afro-Colombians

The Afro-Colombian communities began their festivities in their “Semana Afrocolombiana“. Statistics said that Afro-Colombians (those who are African descendants), count about 10% of the Colombian populations, but the number could be bigger. The Afro-Colombian communities are among the most poor groups of the country.

Bogotá will have more infrastructures for transport in 2010

About USD 359 million will be the investment in infrastructures for transport in Bogotá by 2010, according with a report of Caracol Broadcasting today. The city will have new avenues, bridges, pedestrian areas and five parks.

Armenia, something new in the Colombian soccer

The Armenia team of soccer was the new surprise in the national eliminatory last Sunday. The team, that never has been at the finals, defeated Pasto 2-0 and let out the most powerful Cucuta and Millionarios teams.


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